Our Story

Our farm, often known as New Family Farms, is a second generation farm owned by my father Shane New. Over the years, Shane has steered it in many different directions. From a sod farm to cash crops, we have tried a variety of things with our land, all while running a cattle operation alongside. Each brought its own level of success, but my dad kept searching for something better.

Enter regenerative agriculture. I'm not even sure how Shane got into it, but the excitement for it was more than evident. It seemed to be all we could talk about as a family! Shane was passionate about it, and it began to rub off on the rest of us.

Riding on the side by side to move cattle became lessons on biology, soil health, and the impact of animals on the regeneration of our land. Soon pastured layers increased on the farm. Then we got our first pigs, bees, and even more recently, lambs and our sheep dog, Shep. All of these animals play a special role in rebuilding our soil and plant diversity, and at the same time, provide our customers with a healthy product raised within a respectful environment.

Our goal is to create the most nutrient dense and flavorful product possible, through a diversity of forages and microbiology within our farm. After all, you are what you eat! The same applies for your food and what they eat. This is why we adopted the name, Taste of the Land. We are proud to offer products are not only more sensuous to the consumer, but are now much healthier for them, the animals, and the land. - Brylee New Smith