Pork Lard. Taste of The Land in Holton, Kansas.
Pork Lard

Pork Lard

1.5 lb tub
$8.00 /lb.
Avg. 1.5 lb.

Retire the cooking oil and/or butter, this is your new best friend. This versatile fat can be utilized for cooking in many different ways, whether frying food, making pie crusts or other pastries, or even enjoying spread across a piece of toast. No, we're not kidding! Also, it's a sustainable cooking tool, ensuring that as little of our hogs go to waste as possible!

Care for the land. Care for the animals. Care for the people. Through good soil health. Grass Fed, Non GMO, 100% Antibiotics Free, Humanely Raised and Handled, Pasture Raised. Beef, Pork, Pig, Lamb, Chicken, and Honey. Taste of The Land in Holton, Kansas.